The Urlinguald

The story so far.... (rough version)

Heading north through the Ulturik mountains the group came down a ridge and entered a valley.
Jorum the rogue heard a sound to the east and decided to check it out. Upon climbing up the eastern ridge and hiding, he spotted two giants 90ft away. Unfortunately he was also spotted (giants 19 perception) and ran back down the ridge to tell the others. He then hid behind fallen boulders.
Kal then ran up the eastern ridge casting grease at the top. Hoping to stall the powerful hill giants.
Gvideon, Burt, and Kal standing in the open prepared for battle.

After reaching the top of the ridge one of the giants slipped on the ridge and smashed his face onto a boulder. The other charged the group and began to smash. Gvideon threw his spear at the Hill giant and missed by a mile.
Burt and Gvideon would land a couple large blows. But it wasn’t enough for the raw power of the giant and they were both knocked unconscious.
Meryl and Jorum were attacking the greased giant. And while fighting Jorum heard a wonderful sound. A dwarven party singing their songs. The sound was coming from the north west.
He then informed Kal and Kal ran north to get the much needed help.
As the dwarves turned the corner the giant which had smashed Burt and Gvideon charged head on into the dwarves. It was a blood bath. Battle Cleric of Moradin, Bjaenar ran to help with the dying. And appearing on the southern ridge was Rodis “the quick” Son of Ghim to assist Meryl and Jorum.

After the giants were quickly dispatched, Bjaenar was asked about the Gold Dragon that was supposed to be in the area. Bjaenar would not speak of the dragon and told the group to come to the Dwarven Stronghold of Ulturik.
Bjaenar led the group a couple hours north to the Gates of Moradin. A magical wall only allowing Good or Neutral friends of Moradin through.
After walking through the stronghold, they were led to the Temple of Moradin so they may talk to the High Priests of Moradin. 4 power dwarves by the names of Orogran, Zkakzod son of Bjaer, Rogrin, and Hiskar the Strong. Behind the 4 priests sat a giant hammer and anvil. Glowing and powerful. The wounded were advised to say a prayer to Moradin and touch the hammer. They were then healed to full from the power of Moradins Might.
Talk of the Lich Fanerelis and the missing armies and also of the where a bouts of the Gold Dragon..
The 4 dwarves told the group of Aronikukuris. The gold dragon just north of the Ulturik stronghold. They advised they would take them there in the morning…

The group was showed to their room where they would have a nice warm night of sleep for the first time in weeks. During the night Kal was awaken by a massive headache. Able to force himself back to sleep he rested for another 2 hours before he felt his head and eyes burning from immense pain.
Thrashing and screaming he was carried to the Temple of Moradin by Gvideon. Still drunk from the night before. Gvideon quickly layed a passed out Kal onto a table where Orogran could look over the elf. After opening his eyes he jumped back in amazement. “dragons eyes!”
A drunk Gvideon and the 4 dwarves questioned what was going on. Jorum then told them that Kal had Silver Dragon blood flowing through his veins. Dwarves had never seen such a thing. They advised the group to go back to sleep and they would figure this out in the morning.

Upon waking up the group was given food and water. And ventured down to the Temple. There sat the 4 dwarves and Kal, eating breakfast and talking. Kal now had the eyes of a dragon (and 120ft dark vision)
Gvideon proceded to ask for some help.. From items. They were awarded items that a battle cleric and his group had found on a drow and Halflings.
Boots of Spider Climb. +1 shield with dr 3 fire. Light crossbow +2 with infinite ammo. And a belt of Giant Str +2 also Haste 1/day @5th level.
They then were sent off with Zkakzod and his dwarves. Proceded to go north where Zkakzod led the group close to the Gold Dragons cave. Bidding them farewell he returned to the Ulturik Stronghold.
The group then climbed to the entrance and crawled through. Walking down a long hallway they entered a massive chamber. There lay a giant Gold dragon. Then in a loud voice echoed “Why are you here?!?!“ The group told the human they were looking for a gold dragon. Some stuff was said I don’t remember what exactly, lol. And the human said he was the Great Aronikukuris. He was told about the lich, he said he destroyed the lich and his phylactery. Perhaps it was the evil Blue dragon Vaese Son of Bvar. They were fond of the undead and perhaps the missing armies had been turned.
Aronikukuris said he would destroy Vaese who is probably in the Crushed Lands. Gvideon suggested the group could still help defeat the undead. But would need healing items if such a quest was to be completed.
Aronikukuris suggested the group travel to the Akieshi Vir Honilir Monastery to the north.
Aronikukuris then gave the group a ring to allow them to communicate with him.
And off to the north they go……….

After leaving the Great Gold Aronikukuris. The group travels north through the snowy mountains. The wind and snow coupled with the extremely rough terrain plays hell on the adventurers. While moving across the ice and snow covered mountains they come across an ice patch unseen by all. The party hears cracking beneath them. The party is just barely able to escape the falling ice and snow as it plumets hundreds of feet below. They must be more cautious.
The party travels for a couple more days, cold and tired they press on. But they are still in the treacherous Ulturik mountain range. Not to be taken lightly! As they are ambushed by a Yeti that had been hiding under the snow. Meryl takes a mighty blow and is smashed into an icy cliff face. The group moves in on the giant white furred beast! Only to be attacked by yet another Yeti behind them. These Yeti are unlike anything they have ever faced, and they are taking massive amounts of damage! That is until Gvideon yells out a call for Trithereon. His massive great sword glows white and he cleaves through the giant beast! But his yell has brought on an even tougher opponent!….An avalanche!!! Jorum is swept off the mountain side as the others are smashed undeath snow and ice. Luckily Jorum is skilled in the climbing arts and was able to grab on to the cliff face and barely hang on for his life. The group lowers a rope and pulls him to safety.
The party keeps traveling until they can finally see the end of the mountains, and the foothills of the north.
The foothills are a welcome sight. The press on and make their way through a rocky old stream. Near the end of the stream they see a human tied up to a post. Freezing and near death. They move up and confront the man. He is none other than the ranger Kize Schernerner. Kize tells them that he had been left there by the Silent Steps thieves Guild.
The party moves on with Kize to the small town known as Abers. They decide to detour 3.
to the north west so they can take on the bandits in the woods. Jorum and Meryl sneak into position and the rest of the group dimension doors into the camp, destroying all but one of the Halflings. He is able to dissapear and run off. His chest let off a glow before he turned invisible.
Moving on they decide to hunt for food and gather what they can. They set up camp and the next morning they continue moving north. The next day they spot an Akirslund soldier coming from the east. They greet him, only to see that it is a zombie. They easily dispatch the zombie and move on.
They arrive in North Akirslund that night and head straight towards General Gerathins outpost. They meet with the General and inform him they must head north to the Akieshi Vir Honilir monestary, and of Vaece Son of Bv’ar (the Necromatic Dragon) The group requests horses and leaves to eat warm meals. Kal, Burt and the others find an inn and rest for the night. But Gvideon goes to a tavern to play with other bards and drink. He eventually gets into an arm wrestling match with Draben the blacksmith. The two hit it off and Gvideon wins 24gold pieces from Draben.
The next morning the group collects their horses from General Gerathin and heads off north to make the long journey through the snow and cold to the monk monestary. The following day into their journey Kal is contacted by the Gold Dragon Aronikukuris. He tells the party that they must be swift. War is approaching from the east. The party must split, the others will be needed at the Twin Cities, on the Vaneian River. Kal and Gvideon press on north towards the Evkush hills.
Days later, Gvideon and Kal run into a group of dwarves… The Ghims. Led by the battle cleric Limiate Son of Ghim. They are coming from the Svelea and marching towards the Twin Cities for battle and glory. Gvideon gives the Ghims a bottle of his very fine whiskey. They thank him and move on, singing their dwarves songs.
Gvideon and Kal continue north and see a bolt of lightning smash into the ground. They decide to check it out, only to spot figures lying on the ground. 3 humanoids and 3 frost giants. The three warriors move in to do battle with the Frost Giants. They easily dispatch the giants. Not knowing what has happened they three warriors ask where they are. They are in a different realm. The gods must have brought them here! They are told to head east to the Twin Cities as a war approaches.
Two days pass and Gvideon and Kal reach the Evkush hills, Kal recommends they travel through the hills and stay away from the Rakanosh forest, because of his past. They come upon 15 orcs as they have ambushed a group of adventurers. The orcs seem to be looking for a blind folded man. Kal instigates battle with insults towards the orcs. The adventurers (Markus, Cleric of Pelor, Dwarfy McHitpoints, Redcloak, and Erik Bodil) They defeat the orcs and the adventurers head south towards the Twin Cities. Erik Bodil stays with the party and leads the way through the Evkush hills.
As time passes Gvideon and Kal learn of the northern barbarians from Erik “the Wolf” Bodil. He tells them about his village being attacked by Wolves and Worgs. Gvideon convinces Erik and Kal that them must deviate towards a cursed town. On the way there they stumble into an invisible passage, it attacks them and they fall in.
The Release of Auktrano as it is known. They enter into a dark passage way. Every 10 feet sit’s red torches on the walls. The hallway goes on for a while before it spills out into a large chamber. In the chamber there are many zombies. The party draws the zombies into the hallway and bottlenecks them so they only have to fight two at a time. They easily defeat the zombies and explore the chamber. Towards the back of the chamber sits an alter covered with old dry blood. The body of a dark cloaked headless figure lays on the ground. The alter pulses with evil magic. The alter is hit with a steel weapon, and on the wall, what seems to be a portal opens up with a small flicker. The party decides to leave the alter and portal alone. And they make their way up out of the portal and continue north to the cursed town.
The party arrives at the cursed town at nightfall and they fortify a house with materials from surrounding buildings. While resting during the night, Erik spots something looking through the window, but he is unable to see what it was. The party goes across the street to look through another house. Kal finds evidence of inhabitants, a half glass of wine freshly poured. In steps a female human (16 cha) she says her name is Lady Tamara Elaness from northern Anoktru’n. Through questioning she reveals that she is a Lycanthrope and has walked the Urlinguald for nearly 600 years. Erik the Wolf is very fond of Tamara and makes advances throughout their conversation. Gvideon lets it known that it was his plan to have Erik turned into a Werewolf so that it might help the party in the future. Lady Tamara tells the party that she will turn Erik if she is brought unique books and tomes from across the Urlinguald. The party thanks Tamara and continues moving north.
The party makes it way north along side the Rakonosh and are spotted by elves. The elven rangers move in towards the party and see that Kal is wearing a Rakonosh cloak. (and I don’t remember exactly what happened)
“hey enough with the bow!”
The might adventurers march north until they come upon the lake town of Honeyton. Honeyton is well known for their honey. Mead and honey products are consumed by the party as they rest for the night. Gvideon spreads the word of Erik the Wolf that night.
They continue north in the morning and travel to the Vir Honilir monestary…
They reach the northern point of the Rakanosh Mts and spot the monestary hundreds of feet above. They make a rough and dangerous climb after Gvideon has a hard time. Once to the top they see the flat finely carved monestary floor and walls. Giant wooden pilars litter the training grounds as the yellow and brown robed monks practice their striking. Gvideon calls out to the monks and many come over to see what is going on. He then recites “the Wolf of Gjardsvell” and asks where he might aquire healing aid. Up walks an elderly monk. He asks the group to follow him to his quarters. A giant (7’+) northman eyes the party as they enter the solid rock home. Gvideon notices that all is Dwarven make. Kal beings to tell the Monk Master of what has transpired… and the Master gives Kal the Scepter of the Dragons. The scepter can be used to awaken the dragons. The Master then orders a large group of monks to the south. They must protect the free lands of the North
The group is also given two healing wands. Cure Serious wounds to be exact. Before they leave the Vir Honilir Monestary the Master says that he would like one of their own to go along with the Wolf, the Dragon, and the Savage Skald! He calls upon Kasen, a skilled warrior monk from the Jorhimir Woods.
Party enters the river lands and presses to the town of Whitehall. Gvideon and Erik rally the warriors of the town. Whitehall is rarely attacked because of the monks and the easy ship access from the south. Orcs are dumb, but not that dumb.
Party crosses the Vanien River and heads north into the Gjardsvell. They come upon a ruined home and find a minor magical ring and press on. They are then ambushed by two Ogres. The Ogres are covered with masterwork weapons. They defeat the Ogres and spot a wolf who runs off into the woods. They follow the wolf and spot Orcs. The Orcs are defeated and the party now has enough weapons to supply many men. The party then makes way to a nearby town in the Gjardsvell. Kasen heals multiple times with his tattoos of Heironeous and the Ogre and orc heads are staked at the entrance to town.
Erik and Gvideon then meet with Gregin of Gungnir, he is the leader of the village. They convince him to join in the cause to defend the north against the hordes of Vaece (39 diplomacy). Gregin sends runners to the nearby villages to gather the others from the Gjardsvell. Tells them to gather at Whitehall.
The party and the wariors from Gungnir travel south to Whitehall. As they arrive others are gathered from the Gjardsvell. 14 longboats with 120 warriors each. All traveling under the banner of Erik the Wolf. The boats are loaded up for the rest of the day and set to depart in the morning. That night Kal feels his backpack vibrating. He reaches in a touches the Scepter of the Dragons. For a split second he has a vision, a vision of dragons awakening from their long slumber.
The next morning the boats are ready for the long journey and in the distance a Silver Dragon is spotted. This creates an uproar from everyone. A dragon hasn’t been seen in 5000 years. Gvideon and Erik are able to calm everyone as an Adult Silver Dragon lands on the eastern shore. He lets out a mighty roar and calls for Kal. Kal steps forward and the dragon announces himself as Trik’lemiathian. He asks Kal and his group to hop on and will fly them south to the Twin Cities.
During the flight, Kal suffers a great painful transformation. He is beginning to grow wings. The group asks Trik’lemiathian to stop so Kal can rest. They make camp and Trik’lemiathian aids Kal with healing. They continue south in the morning. Kal still in a great amount of pain, his wings are even bigger. During flight, Trik’lemiathian spots something far off in the distance. He sets the group onto the snow covered ground and flys off. The party realizes that they are on the wrong side of the river and there’s a possibility that they may run into the horde.
They continue southwest on foot. Erik the Wolf leads the way. They spot tracks in the snow, and keep moving. Hunting rabbits on the way them come upon a town. They move into town and spot male townsfolk.
Erik spots a man hiding behind a barrel and they realize that these are not normal townsfolk. Raiders! The party is quickly surrounded and the leader tells the group that this is a prime time to raid small villages. Gvideon quickly casts and becomes enraged. There was a firefight!!! Kal enlarges the barbarian Gvideon, and he knocks the barbarian leader off of a roof and onto the ground. They dispatch the raiders. The party checks the buildings and finds only 5 women still alive. They are told that this is the farming village of Talyn. They gather the horses and the women and move towards the river. The group reaches the river and spots longboat after longboat upstream to the north. Bulvar of the Hills (Handler of Horses) helps the horses cross the river. The party crosses the river with the help of the dimension door and with small boats that the Gjardsvell warriors had. The Gjardsvell leaders and the party decide to send out a small group to find the Akirslund army. Couple hours? Travel and they meet up with the army. They run into a blue armored warrior from Akirslund. Lt. Hierin. He takes them to General Gerithin. Gerithin informs the party that the east side of the river has been taken over. But the west is still ours. Gerithin says we may attack in the morning, depends on what the orcs do. After meeting with Gerithin the group runs into Meryl the Halfling, Rodis the Quick, and Lt. Shernerer. They tell Shernerer of his ranger cousin that was saved from the Silent Steps. The group goes back to the Gjardsvell warrior camp and tells them of what has transpired. In the morning the army will move south to meet with the Akirslund army….
Upon arrival the party moves to the frontlines. They spot familiar faces along with new. The Ghims, Elves, and 64 Akieshi monks, along with the planar warriors. A giant explosion in the northeast! Minutes later a red dragon flys overhead. The planar warriors move off the front line and follow the dragon.
After seeing the dragon, the orcs are startled and start the attack. Many arrows are sent in the air and the front line hunkers down behind whatever they can. Then the orcs start rushing across the bridge, the battle has begun. Swords and axes meet each other as good battles evil. The Ghims easily tear through orc after orc, the monks smash skull and bone with fist, elbows, knees, and kicks. And our adventurers slash and hack at the orcish horde in the name of freedom!
Navar and Bjavin, the sorcerer brothers appear on the front lines and quickly disapear and reapear and lay waste on zombies and orcs with their magic. Gorinthirinious appears and bombs the central point of the orc/zombie army. He destroys much of the army and it looks like the battle has been turned to our favor. He then lands onto a building in elven form and orders the Allies of Akirslund to join him so they may enter the crushed lands. The party says they must stay and fight. Gorinthirinious then summons two giant creatures and slays many enemies. The orcs retreat and the battle has been won. Afterwards they see that Gregin of Gungnir has been slain, but Egmar his second in command still survives.
Aftermath: Gorinthirinious tells the party they must leave now for the Crushed Lands because the Red Dragon has been badly injured and unable to attack in the Crushed Lands. The party opts to rest and celebrate for the night. Gorinthirinious says the Scepter of the Dragons has awoken all the dragons. The group meets with General Gerethin and gets their reward, Gvideon gives his 400 gp to the women of Talyn. They then celebrate with the rest of their allies…
Gorinthirinious tells the party of the crushed lands, orcs, giants, etins are scattered throughout. In the morning they will make their way east to the barren Crushed Lands!………….


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