Gvideon Moromets

Gvideon is a study in dichotomy -- witty jests, easy bard's tales, and foolery in peace; relentless pursuit, slaughter, and retributive rage in the face of tyranny.


Barbarian 1, Savage Skald 4
Hitpoints 37 (or +10)

STR 18 (or 22), +2 Strength Belt
DEX 12
CON 14 (or 18)
INT 12
WIS 11
CHA 17

Fortitude +5
Reflex +5
Will +4

Acrobatics +6
Climb +9
Diplomacy +14 (often rolls twice taking better result with “Honeyed Tongue” spell)
Intimidate +7
Knowledge: Arcana +10
Knowledge: Dungeoneering +10
Knowledge: Engineering +10
Knowledge: Geography +10
Knowledge: History +10
Knowledge: Local +10
Knowledge: Nature +10
Knowledge: Nobility +10
Knowledge: Planes +10
Knowledge: Religion +10
Linguistics +5
Perception +4
Perform: Oratory / Epic Speech +14
Sense Motive +14
Spellcraft +5
Stealth +5
Survival +4
Swim +7
Use Magic Device +9


The Song of Gvideon the Savage Skald.

Through the mists the giants strode,
His village and folk they clove.
As a young child, for work and play, was he caged;
As a broken boy, for liberty and justice, he raged.

The giant’s home; a Dwarven raid,
To hew giant heads with many a blade.
As a barbarian strong, iron chains, he broke;
As a free man, with giant’s own blade he smote.

The battle done, the dwarves impressed,
That a human youth, was so possessed.
As adopted son, Ulturik Ways he was made to learn;
As a learned man, liberty for others he came to yearn.

Two armies’ demise, word was spread,
The dead dragon’s return the dwarves did dread.
As warrior strong, the dwarf-raised youth was bred;
As savage skald, South he strode, with evil to behead.

Gvideon Moromets

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