Akieshi Vir Honilir

High up in the Rakonosh Mountains stands the Akieshi Vir Honilir monastery.
Upon reaching the grounds after making a climb through a rough rocky slope. A skilled engineer would know that the stonework was all done by the Dwarves, Rakonosh Dwarves to be exact.

The Akieshi have been known throughout the Urlinguald for keeping the peace, fighting evil, and bringing justice to all

Upon reaching age, an Akieshi is sent out to roam the Urlinguald for 5 years.
His/her job is to protect the innocent, destroy evil, and search for new recruits.
After the 5 years are up, they are to return to the monastery. They have two options:
1. Stay and train new recruits.
2. Roam the Urlinguald and find new recruits till their last days.

A very large percentage take option #2.

Akieshi Vir Honilir

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